Message From CEO
CEO Message Dear Partners,

A global trading group; InterContinental is consist from one of the biggest companies in the middle east. Our strong corporate views for the future make us in trading sector one of the experienced and reliable group of companies. Our purpose is creating valuable and strong long term cooperation with our partners.

Our group has grown up to a global, modern and highly sophisticated organization in our all organizational spheres that has made us to a highly reputable trader and consultant in this field. Today, our group arranges the full range of trading and consulting alternatives - from bartering in hard goods to the electronic transfer of funds and product hedging.

I invite and encourage you to have a partnership and cooperate with our group companies and connect to worldwide business network. Our business philosophy and strategy is customer based. We target is serve to our customer and let them to find optimal products with best specifications, low price and with minimum payment risk. To be a reliable partner in these sectors is our passion and passion is our cause to insist in these fields.

As a group from 5 companies; ITCO Trading Inc. M&M Surveillance and Defense Ltd. , Caspioil Inc., InterBijuteri Ltd., InterAjans., are our biggest companies that serving in several fields.

Our main products are Cement, Crude Oil and Petroleum Derivatives, Sugar and Milk Powder, Food and Beverages, Military Defense Products and Spot Metal and Ores. We provide trading, consulting and mandatorship of these products and aiming to give a chance to our potential partners to get more valuable and reliable products in several ways that I mentioned above in my message.

With all respects and regards I want to mention again and again that we are aiming to get your assurance and cooperative partnership will come after.

Yours sincerely, respectfully

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